My beardsperation.
My life is an adventure! <333

I actually prefer cuddles in briefs :/

I agree. I’m all about cuddles in undies.
Incredible beard. And incredibly gorgeous. Help Jimmie Deeghan make his record on Kickstarter.

Pinups Issue 16 featuring Jeff (August 2012)


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I’ll be there! Anyone else going? Bearded men everywhere.


I love inked bearded gentlemen. 
Great beard.

we did a milkbath photo shoot tonight.
enjoy the beard porn, lovers.
Photos by Jamich. 


ayatollahofsass asked: so are you avoiding the question of why you don't post photos of POC?

No, I am not avoiding the question. I have a full-time job so I do not spend much time on this blog. I update in bursts, as my followers would know. I log-on once or twice a week but I see that you have sent multiple questions. Much like the rest of the Tumblr community,  I just reblog mostly. Once in a blue moon I post photos directly. Honestly, I never think of it as whether or not they are person of color or not. Are you claiming that everyone I have rebloged ins’t a person of color? You can’t know that from simply looking at a photo. I am attracted to facial hair and if I find a specific photo of a man attractive that someone has already reblogged, then I reblog. There isn’t a quota I aim to fill. Regardless, if you don’t agree with what I post you can unfollow anytime. Rest assured I don’t have some plot to discriminate on a Tumblr blog. Most of the Tumblr communities are hyper niche communities focused on a particular topic or interest. You can’t please everyone but you can find what you are looking for here in the Tumblrverse. And most who dont, start their own blog and form a community around that. Thanks for reaching out.


this project is reeeeally awesome.